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It's time for a change

I conducted workshops and training sessions in my previous professional life that tackled the difficulties of dealing with change. The common feeling for those attending the sessions was this: Change should be welcomed, unless it is knocking on your door.

Mark Twain once said, “The only person who likes change is a wet baby.” Yes, doing something new or in a different way is hard to accept, but we usually have no regrets after it is all said and done.

Well, I have wanted to make a change for a long time, but when the opportunity often knocked, I didn’t answer … until now. And I have no regrets.

I am the founder of ContentWorks LLC, and we are here to help change the way you connect your message with your community when selling a product or service. Content creation and brand strategy have adopted a new approach in the past couple of years. Your message no longer travels a one-way street that ends with the consumer overwhelmed with static facts and stats on why it is important to purchase your product or use your service.

Quality content that resonates with today’s community of consumers rides a six-lane interstate to deliver a message that motivates people to respond and connect with the messenger. More importantly, quality content inspires the target audience to share the message with others within their community.

How does this happen? With personalized content filled with the human element. People want to know with whom they are doing business as much as they want to hear about the product or service. Yes, companies still need to provide information about their products, but it is crucial that consumers know the faces behind the company name.

This blog will drill deeper into the art of creating quality content and the strategy of delivering it on the right print and digital platforms. We will share our thoughts and insight as we embrace the new challenge that change has brought to our doorstep. This blog, however, is not a one-way street. We encourage you to share your thoughts as well.

ContentWorks is here to help. We build relationships. We connect your message with your community. Are you ready for change?

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