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Want to build your brand? Then get personal

As a content consultant, trainer and editor for 25 years, I have a deep appreciation for the power of words and images. Used wisely, they capture a consumer’s heart. And as a consumer, I know what type of content my heart seeks: authentic storytelling.

Connecting your brand to your community relies on authentic storytelling, and authentic storytelling relies on the human element to make it resonate with its audience. In other words, content that motivates people needs to focus on people.

Do you want to connect your product or service with your community? Then build a relationship through personalized content that is transparent and genuine about you, your brand and your business.

Today’s consumers seek this authenticity, even demand it before they are willing to place their trust in your brand and make a monetary commitment. This is especially true for millennials, the first wave of digital natives who understood they had the power to decide not only what content would enter their world, but when they would consume the content, where they would consume it and how they would consume it.

That means reaching out and building a genuine relationship. It is an objective that should rise above making a quick sale.

An article on by Asha Moore-Mangin and Tom McNamara stated that: “Many experts caution that what millennials want is for companies to be honest, open and transparent with them when it comes to selling and marketing a particular product. Ultimately, they want to have a ‘conversation’ with a company's brand and engage with it on their own terms.”

Yes, brand building involves connecting with consumers on their own terms, but it also means connecting on their own turf, which is social media.

Consider that …

  • There were 1.28 billion active users on Facebook last year;

  • There are 500 million tweets per day;

  • 20-billion plus photos have been shared on Instagram since its creation in 2010;

  • The average number of video views per day on YouTube is 1 billion.

Those numbers represent your customer base, and those platforms represent where they spend their time. This is where you should start building your relationship with your community.

Get personal. Add the human touch. Watch your business grow.

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